Before services begin, Leeʼs grill and oven care needs to make it clear that you are familiar with and understand the safe operation of your barbecue grill. You understand the price of our services does not include replacement parts or labor to perform repair services unless otherwise specified in writing from us. You understand that when cleaning barbecues, especially ones older in age there will often times be many parts that are rusted and full of corrosion. Unfortunately, sometimes these parts may disintegrate, break or fall apart by simply touching. Care will be given to avoid this however you agree we are not responsible for any damage done to these parts.

Leeʼs will reach out and suggest replacement at the current service rate and expediency of ordering replacement parts.

You understand that some parts of your barbecue may contain burn marks or discoloration from the normal use of the grill that develop discolorations that will not “clean Out” or be able to be removed.

Our promise is to get your grill as clean as possible and given to you in a healthier, better state than when we embarked on the cleaning. We will not be held liable for preexisting damage or deterioration of surrounding surface of your Grill or island: Loose tiles, cracked grout, broke parts. All work requested outside of the grill cleaning will be acknowledged in writing and a firm price will be agreed upon before work begins.

Grills that are infested by rodents at the time we clean the grill will not be cleaned. We will charge a $59 service fee if we show up to perform the cleaning and find these conditions. We are not an “Exterminating” company but will assist you in putting together a proactive plan to get clean and prevent future rodent issues pertaining to the grill. You acknowledge that these actions do not guarantee rodent visitation problems but only reduce the likelihood of their return due to a healthy, clean, and food free grill environment.

When booking your cleaning online we will do our best to give you your preferred cleaning time. We will contact you to confirm the cleaning date and time and if needed schedule another date and time that works for you.

Payment for services rendered are always upon completion of a grill cleaning being performed. All sales are final.