Why Choose Us

  • We do a standard “safety/operating” inspection at no extra charge. We value good health and eliminate all grease and filth.
  • Grilling is messy, and cleaning it yourself is time-consuming. Let us clean it for you like no one else!
  • Reduce grease fire flare-ups.
  • We use top quality products, which keeps it clean for longer, shows better results, and maintains its condition.
  • We use sterilizing steam to get the deepest food residues off your grill and get your grill to as clean as “new.”
  • Reduce the risk of rodent activity — the eradication of destructive elements and charred food particles that can be transferred to food. Our comprehensive cleaning process avoids future erosion.

Everything We Use Is Food, Pet, Child-Friendly and Eco-Friendly.

Management Companies

Repeat business and rentals start with standards that impress and add value to your customers’ experience. We service beach properties that get rave reviews because they open the grill, and it is as clean and hassle-free as the accommodations.

What We Offer

With our matchless expertise, we offer professional and reliable cleaning services to extend the life of your BBQ grill. We understand that every grill is different and perform cleaning on all kinds, striving to provide you with the absolute best possible results. Lee’s Grill and Oven Care acquires a fully trained team to cater to all your needs and deliver the work timely.

Barbecue Grill Cleaning

Are you tired of all the grease on your grill? Let us take your responsibility in our hands! We understand that nobody wants to take that task; therefore, Our BBQ grill cleaning company will perfectly perform the job for you. Our expert team is fully aware of all the knowledge and techniques to achieve it quicker and better. Our use of non-toxic disinfectants and cleaners offer exceptional and functional cleaning for all. We initiate the gas grill cleaning service by an extensive assessment of the barbecue and clean every part and component of it.

Kitchen Oven Cleaning

Cleaning kitchen ovens can be a struggling job for many, that’s why we are available to do it for you! We make sure we clean it deeply by reaching all the corners. We disassemble its racks and door and deeply scrub the oven cavity. Then we clean the outside surface, the knobs, and the hobs. Lee’s Grill and Oven Care takes care of the most challenging job of yours and performs it smoothly.

Barbecue Repair

Want to get your BBQ gas oven repaired in the Orange County area? Lee’s Grill and Oven Care is right here! We ensure that your barbecue grilling machine is always in working condition. Our experts use up-to-date technology and equipment and thoroughly inspects all parts. Lee’s Grill and Oven Care prudently identifies the problematic part, repairs it, and brings it back to its functional state. Our team examines the knobs, valves, burners, grill grates, regulators, and other elements, and we see that there is no gas leakage in the grill. Finally, our skilled workers proceed to repair and install new parts of your grill and/or oven.